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About Us

Happy Time Hong Kong Limited is a subsidiary of Hong Kong L.P. Gas (Holdings) Limited. The Group has been serving Hong Kong for over 50 years and has an excellent reputation in the market. We are committed to providing quality home products and services to enhance our customers’ quality of life.

Many owners treat pets as treasured companions and as family members. They seek to provide their beloved pets a healthy, happy environment to grow up. Therefore enhancing pet care has become an important factor in improving quality of life.

Our business philosophy is to foster pets’ owners and pets relationship and build a joyful and healthy companion relationship through offering our activities, services and products.

Our Logo : Dog face made up of two human silhouettes holding hands forming a heart shape. This symbolizes dog is part of the family, owners take care of dogs with love and spend happy life together.

Core Values : 
Loyalty – Serve our customers at their satisfaction for over 50 years
Pragmatic – Professional team attend to customer needs
Vitality – Dynamic team with customer-oriented attitude
Innovative – Creative thinking in developing new services and introducing innovative pet products

Brand concept :
Positive Education – Strictly adhere to no hitting, no scolding approach in dogs education. Correct improper dog behaviors by understanding dogs’ psychology and provide appropriate training.
Healthy Living – Focus on interactive activities, strict selection of quality food and ensure that all pet products meet safety standards.

Corporate Social responsibility
Provide positive education to dog owners and potential dog owners to understand dogs better.
Provide dogs behavior training and pets nursing care knowledge to dog owners, eliminate misunderstanding of dogs to reduce abandonment.
Cooperate with various institutions, such as social welfare agencies and schools, to organize activities for the public to get in touch with dogs to instill positive attitudes towards animals.
Correct improper dogs’ behaviors through training. Reduce nuisance to public and help dogs integrate into the community and live with humans in harmony.
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